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We're excited to offer the following topical study sessions this summer at LCC! See below for more information about the sessions we will be offering. Join us in the Hearth Room during 2nd service - you can sign up for as many sessions as you'd like to attend.

June 2 & 9 – Habits of the Household: Discipleship Practices for Home & Family (Trey Hardimon & Kelsie Koch)

  • Trey and Kelsie will talk through the book Habits of the Household (authored by Justin Whitmel Earley), discussing simple habits and daily rhythms that help families find meaning and create a home where kids and parents alike practice loving God and each other. This class will be two sessions.


June 16 – 3D Disciples: Devotion, Community, & Service (Colleen Jumper)

  • The significance of nurturing our relationship with God and others will be explored in this session, with insights drawn from the life of Jesus and the early Christian community. Our exploration will demonstrate the significance of dedicating personal time for devotion and study, actively participating in the local church community, and serving others selflessly. Discover your service potential at LCC and beyond! We'll provide personalized worksheets and interactive discussions to help you find opportunities that match your unique personality, skills, gifts, and talents. Let's all team up with God to spread hope in our community.


June 23 – Sabbath & Rest: Learning How to Slow Down & Be With God (Christopher Shaw)

  • “Many of us are eager to develop our relationship with God. The problem, however, is that we can’t seem to stop long enough to be with Him.” (Peter Scazzero). In our fast-paced lives, it’s hard to slow down and notice God – but God created us in His image for a rhythm of work and rest. Come learn how to slow down and experience Jesus’s invitation to simply be with Him.


June 30 - Theology of Suffering (Daniel Koch)

  • “Why does God allow suffering to exist in the world?” This is a question that people have wrestled with since the beginning of human history. Today, the problem of suffering continues to impact the faiths of countless individuals touched by the consequences of evil and pain in the world, so how should we approach this topic? What does the story of the Bible have to teach us about the concept of suffering?


July 7 – Ministry & Suffering: How Should the Church Respond? (Dave Noble & Austin Willis)

  • This session seeks to follow up to “Theology of Suffering” by offering practical advice for ministering to those who are going through a time of suffering, sickness or loss. How should the Church respond? How can we know what is helpful and just as importantly, what is not helpful for those who are suffering? Some of our LCC church family will share from their personal experiences and offer helpful tips during this session.


July 14 – Theology of Singleness (Christopher Shaw)

  • Regardless of your relationship status – single, dating, or married – this is a class for everyone! Throughout the history of the Church, Christians have tended to elevate the importance of one status over the other. Scripture, however, refers to both single and married as weighty, meaningful vocations. This session will focus on how the Bible has viewed and even lifted up singleness as a way to bear witness to the breadth of Christ’s love. Come learn, be encouraged, and see how Christian singleness is a gift to the church!


July 21 & 28 - Who Are These People? Co-Stars & Set Design (Colleen Jumper)

  • Great movies captivate audiences with their intricate narratives and suspenseful climaxes. Although the focus is usually on the leading men and women, the involvement of supporting actors and set designers plays a crucial role in shaping the outcome of the drama. The Bible weaves together a consistent narrative featuring famous characters that are frequently taught and preached about. Improve your understanding of the cultural-historical context of the Bible by attending these two sessions, where the emphasis will be on co-stars, nations, groups, and locations playing a supporting or antagonistic role in God’s redemptive story.


August 4 - Theology of Justice: What Is Biblical Justice and How Does This Get Reshaped in Today’s World? (Daniel Koch)

  • We learn in Scripture that we serve a God who not only loves justice (Ps. 38:28) but exudes it by His very nature (Deut. 32:4). What exactly is biblical justice and how does this compare or contrast to how our world often defines ‘justice’ today?


August 11 – Pro-Life 101: Sanctity of Life & the Church (Kristen Stewart)

  • How should Christians confront the issue of abortion? This session offers a brief history of abortion and the Church, an overview of the current issues surrounding abortion both nationally and locally, with a goal to equip and encourage Christians to respond to this issue both biblically and compassionately.


August 18 – Ministry to Alternative Lifestyles: Love God, Love Others (Andy Turner)

  • Many in the Church know someone who identifies as LGBTQ+, whether that is a friend, coworker, or family member. How should we as Christians respond to our loved ones who are living an alternative lifestyle? This session will offer a biblical response to minister to our LGBTQ+ loved ones with both love and truth.

For any questions about our Summer Sessions, please contact

our Discipleship Coordinator Kristen Stewart at

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