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At Leclaire we want to be followers of Jesus who study the Bible and prove it in our actions. Join us each week as we release a new discussion where members of our staff dive deeper into scripture together and find ways to apply it to our lives.  


Starting this May, we will be releasing discussions around the book of 1 Timothy. Each week we will discuss a new chapter and encourage listeners to read along, and either listen via podcast or watch these discussions on Facebook.


If you are looking for some accountability in your own Bible reading or want to add some additional content, this is a great option! The Bible study content will be available as a podcast as well as a video, and we would love for you to join us in whatever format works best for you! We hope these Bible study resources will help you to dive a bit deeper into God’s Word.


**Leclaire Christian Church “Prove It Podcast” can be found on Apple, Google & Spotify podcast players.

**To join the “Prove It Podcast” Facebook group please CLICK HERE.

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