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We were all created with a desire to belong, but not all unity is good unity. For the church to be who God has called us to be, Christlike unity is a must... and what a divided world needs is a united church. Why is it so important? Listen to rest of this message as Andy introduces our new sermon series, Same God.

God's answer to a confused world is an engaged church. Everyone's role matters, and we are all equipped to do service. Daniel continues in week 2 of our Same God series with a message on being actively engaged in the church.

How do we as Christians respond to the darkness that's in the world around us? Some are tempted to respond by judging the darkness around us, while others respond by giving in and joining the darkness. These are the easy answers... but as Christians, we should opt for a third option - to shine a light among the darkness. Andy continues in week 3 of our Same God series.

Love is found in our words, forgiving, and follows the example of Jesus. Andy concludes the Same God sermon series with a message on what love is... and what love does.

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