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The Gospel story is God’s redemptive plan to restore mankind, beginning with Abraham and fulfilled through Jesus. Trey Hardimon introduces our "Foundation" sermon series, as we continue studying through the Book of Romans.

When you work for something, your payment is earned... God's acceptance of us is not earned. It is a gift, and we cannot work for it. You are defined by what God has done on your behalf and by who God says that you are. Andy Turner continues in week 2 of our Foundation series, as we continue through the Book of Romans.

The desire to be justified is hardwired into the human soul... the question is not if you are seeking justification, but how? Guest Speaker Michael DeFazio joins us for a special morning teaching from Romans 5, as we continue in our Foundation series.

LCC NextGen Kids & Education Minister Kelsie Koch continues in week 4 of the Foundation series, sharing how the Gospel offers the hope of salvation for every one of us who have sinned and missed the mark.

We can give every excuse to keep sinning, but we don't have to live shackled to sin anymore. The Gospel not only has the power to forgive us but it has the power to change us and free us from the bondage of sin. Andy continues in our Foundation series with a message for Baptism Sunday at LCC.

As Christians who have been freed from sin, why do we so often continue to submit to its rule in our lives? Why do we continue to serve our old master, when serving Jesus is so much better? Andy continues in week 6 of our Foundation series.

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