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We are so excited to announce our Baby/Child Dedication coming October 22nd during both Sunday morning services! At Leclaire, one of our core values is Strengthening Families, and this is a powerful way that we can come alongside our littlest members and their parents from the very beginning of their lives—displaying the importance of raising these little ones to know Jesus.

Baby/Child Dedication is a special celebration time during service where parents bring their child before the church family and commit to bringing them up in the knowledge of the Lord—teaching them, praying for them, leading them toward Jesus by their own example. At the same time, the church family commits to praying for that child and commits to stand by these families as they grow the next generation of followers of Jesus.


If you are interested in taking part of our Baby/Child Dedication service on October 22nd, would you help us out by filling out the link below? This will help us plan the service and who will be joining us!

We look forward to celebrating this special moment with you! 


For more information, or if you have questions please contact Kelsie Koch (

or Heather Turner (

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