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During the month of December, we set a goal to raise at least $20,000 for our Christmas offering to be distributed among four selected ministries, with the first $10,500 raised being divided between African Vision of Hope, Second Missionary Journey, and COPE, and any offering given beyond that will going towards an amazing project that our church will be doing in Spring 2022 for Feed My Starving Children.

We are so excited to announce that not only did you reach the $20,000... but through your sacrificial, generous giving, LCC raised almost DOUBLE that goal! A total of $35,799.95 was given through the 2021 Christmas offering, our highest amount ever raised. 


Please see the videos below to learn more about how your giving made a Kingdom impact! Thank you so much for your incredible support!

45.6% of children in Zambia live in extreme poverty and 18% of children are orphans due to AIDS.  As unfortunate as these percentages are, being a girl in Zambia can be much worse. More than 50% of girls in Zambia are sold into marriage by age 14. They experience one of the highest rates of sexual violence in the world; they are abused, trafficked, and fleeing abuse. African Vision of Hope is bringing hope to these girls by constructing rescue villages which provide: freedom and safety from violence, clean water, Christ-centered education, nutritious meals, family support/counseling and mentoring, and learning their worth in Christ. A portion of this year’s Christmas Offering will go to African Vision of Hope to help them build a safe house for girls being trafficked.

The Children of Pokot Education (COPE) mission serves children in the Pokot region of Kenya in Africa. The purpose of the organization is to provide a Christian education to the children of the Pokot tribe located in Kenya. The COPE mission provides Outreach, Evangelical and Educational services for the area. Their greatest need right now is the schoolhouse kitchen.  It has two large fire pits in it and results in the kitchen filling with smoke. Staff work in these conditions to provide food for the children all day long. They need funds to renovate the kitchen and install a ventilation and chimney system to direct the smoke out and have more modern cooking equipment to curb some of the smoke as well. This kitchen feeds 600 kids a day, and it is just not suited for the size of the school anymore.  This would be an incredible blessing for the COPE mission and enable their staff to work in a safer environment and continue serving the hundreds of students every day!

Leclaire Christian Church supports James & Kristin Amos and their family in their missionary work in Kenya, Africa. One of the projects they have undertaken is to build a welding shop for Gideons Children's Home in Kenya. Set in a rural part of Kenya called Ramba, this Christian institution provides a feeding program, education program, and accommodations for orphaned and vulnerable children. Today, there are 300 children who reside there and an additional 300 who come daily for meals and to attend school. $4,000 from our Christmas offering will allow them to build a shop with upgraded welding tools and other equipment for repairing essential items needed at the children’s home — like beds, chairs, school desks, and shelving. A larger, properly equipped welding shop will also enable them to function as a regional resource for other schools and boarding homes needing similar items, with the long-term goal of helping them become self-sustainable.

Feed My Starving Children is a Christian organization that desires to eliminate starvation in children around the world. By providing the basic need of food to various mission partners and organizations around the world, FMSC’s work gives children the opportunity to grow in their faith and in their education to break these cycles of extreme poverty. Next spring (April 22-23, 2022), Leclaire Christian Church plans to host our own MobilePack event, where we plan to pack over 100,000 of these lifesaving meals. In order to do this, we need to raise $25,000 to cover the cost of the food to be sent. Any extra donations received after the first $10,500 of our Christmas Offering will go towards the overall goal of $25,000 to purchase this food.  We are so excited for this opportunity and hope you can not only help us reach our goal but also plan to join us in April as we work together to pack meals!