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Below are the dates a LCC staff member will be attending Bond Camp to help support the students who will be attending this year.


June 3rd - 4th — Teddy Bear Camp (going into 1st-3rd grade, same gender parent required to stay with child overnight)

June 19th - 24th — Middle School Camp (6th-8th grade)

July 5th - 8th — Junior 1 (going into 3rd-5th grade)

July 21st — Day Camp (parent/guardian required to attend and stay with child)

For more information about Bond Camp or to register, please click below.


As the camp prepares to open for the season, we have partnered with Bond to provide items they will utilize throughout the Summer. If you would like to help LCC stock supplies for Bond, we are asking for donations of toilet paper and paper towels. Donations can be dropped off at the Welcome Center from April 24th through May 22nd.