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Sunday, November 6, 2022

One of our core values at LCC is “Using what God entrusted to us.” We believe that God has gifted each of us with abilities to serve others! On Be the Church Day, in lieu of regular worship services, we will take this morning to "be the church" outside of our walls and do various service projects for those in our community.  We are so excited to see where God will use our church family this year!

Sign-ups are NOW OPEN! Click the button below to register for our 2022 Be the Church Day.

How can you "Be the Church" that day? There are many opportunities to serve! **10/28/22 Update: As of today, our most urgent need for volunteers is for House Projects and Non-Profit Service Projects, so that will be reflected on the registration form. Please consider signing up for one of these areas so that we can fulfill all of our planned projects next weekend!**

BTCD Project Categories

House Projects/Raking Leaves: Teams will work together to complete minor home repairs and/or yard cleanup. Please contact Stephanie at if you have any house project ideas for this year. **Family/kid-friendly projects available.

Partner with a Non-Profit: Teams will work with a local non-profit to accomplish various projects. **Family/kid-friendly projects available.

Nursing Home: Groups will join together at pre-determined nursing homes in the community to lead a service/lead worship or do various activities with residents. **Family/kid-friendly projects available.

Emergency Worker Appreciation: Groups will travel to share snacks and cards of appreciation to predetermined Emergency Worker locations. **Family/kid-friendly projects available.

LCC Childcare: This amazing group of volunteers will remain at the LCC building and help care for infant through preschool-age children who are not able to attend projects with their families.

LCC 1st Impressions: A few volunteers will remain at LCC to greet first-time guests that may come to church that day, help them feel welcomed, and explain the purpose of BTCD.

BTCD Pastors: The BTCD Pastors will tend to the families who are recipients of House Project work. They spend time getting to know the family, praying with the family and giving information to the LCC staff/leadership if the family needs additional assistance moving forward. The goal is to connect and bless these families through this outreach.

Prayer Walk: Volunteers will join together and walk through predetermined locations in the community to pray for those in the area.

BTCD Lunch Team: Team members in this group help to pick up, organize and prepare the pre-determined lunch for BTCD volunteers who return to church after their project. Joining together for lunch following the projects will allow time for fellowship and to share experiences.

Love God. Love Others. Prove It Daily.

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