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We're excited to offer the following topical study sessions this summer at LCC! See below for more information about the sessions we will be offering. Join us in the Hearth Room during 2nd service - you can sign up for as many sessions as you'd like to attend.

June 11 - Theology of Parenting: Recapturing God’s Design for the Roles of Parents in Today’s World (Trey Hardimon)

  • No parent will tell you their job is easy. Couple this with the growing negative influences kids and teenagers face in our world, at school, from peers, and on social media, and the task of a mom or dad can seem downright impossible. In a culture that increasingly relegates the role of parents in the lives of their children to the influence of others, how do we reclaim God’s intention and design for this role?


June 18 - Raising Kids to Hold a Biblical Worldview in a Confused Culture (Kelsie Koch)

  • Recent studies have shown that only 6% of Americans who claim to be Christians actually hold to a biblical worldview. How do we make sure our kids are among those who hold to biblical truth in a world that no longer values that truth? In this Summer Session class, we'll talk about and share resources to help parents shape the way their kids can view the world—through the lens of God's word.

June 25 - The Five Thresholds: A Helpful Tool for Evangelizing (Christopher Shaw)

  • One of the tools we use to think about how to identify how open to Jesus others are is something called the Five Thresholds.  The 5Ts is a description of the big movements of the journey to faith that people tend to go through.  It’s not meant to be a scientific formula—"do these things in this way and your friends will become Christians”— it’s meant to give us a framework to help us watch God’s work and respond with both prayer and action.”


July 9 - Is the Resurrection Provable?: Evidence for Christ’s Death, Burial, and Resurrection (Andy Turner)

  • Many people criticize the Christian faith for basing their claims on the seemingly impossible bodily resurrection of a man.  Is there more reason to trust the Resurrection of Jesus than simply saying “the Bible says so”?  This class will take a look at some of the hard evidence that exists to place our hope in the physical Resurrection of Christ. 


July 16 - Theology of Work: Developing a Christian “Workview” (Bob Koch)

  • We so easily compartmentalize the workplace as simply a means to make a living that we tend to forget how it can serve as a primary opportunity for Christians to “let our light shine” for God’s glory.  In this class, you will learn some important biblical principles that can lead to greater personal contentment with work and ways in which we can display Christ to those we work alongside.  


July 23 and 30 - Building a Thriving Devotional Life: Duty or Delight? (Colleen Jumper)

  • Making time for God can be a challenge.  The demands of life make it hard to establish habits that bring us joy instead of just doing them because we feel we have to.  In this class, we will review and discuss how Sabbath, interacting with scripture, prayer, and other spiritual disciplines can help you develop and maintain a strong relationship with God. (2 Sessions)


August 6 and 13 - Theology of Justice: What Is Biblical Justice and How Does This Get Reshaped in Today’s World? (Daniel Koch)

  • We learn in Scripture that we serve a God who not only loves justice (Ps. 38:28) but exudes it by His very nature (Deut. 32:4). What exactly is biblical justice and how does this compare or contrast to how our world often defines ‘justice’ today? (2 Sessions)   

For questions or more information about LCC Summer Sessions please reach out to our Discipleship Minister, Daniel Koch (

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