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Andy Turner starts a new series from the Book of Revelation. In Week 1, we talk about the message to church of Ephesus and how it is relevant to the church today. Andy challenges the church to repent of apathy and living out a comfortable faith on autopilot. How can we live with passion and purpose as we seek to be a light to those around us? We have to get back to the start – remembering where we were when we were most in love with Jesus.

Daniel Koch continues in week 2 of our sermon series by encouraging all believers not to give up, no matter what happens. The Christian life will come with challenges – this is inevitable – but we can recognize the true source of our adversity and by faith, we can choose to not allow fear to dictate our response in difficult times.

Andy continues in the “Seven Words” series by sharing about the church of Pergamum – a church that struggled with compromise in the center of pagan worship at the time. How do we, as followers of Jesus today, live in the world and not be of the world? How do we live as Jesus did – full of truth AND full of grace… and why does it matter? As Christians, we are called to be the light of the world – and we must speak the truth in love.

The church in Thyatira appears to be the most insignificant out of the seven in Revelation – but there is no such thing as an insignificant church to Jesus. Andy continues in week 4 of our series to share more about Jesus’s words to this church that was full of love but empty of truth. Thyatira was being infiltrated by a Jezebel-like person, a story that’s as old as time and still affects churches to this day. How can the church today stand strong for both truth and love?

"Being spiritually alive means more than just calling yourself a Christian." LCC’s Student Minister Trey Hardimon continues with week 5 of our “Seven Word” sermon series with a message about the church of Sardis, a church with a reputation for being alive and well-known in their community but spiritually dead. This week’s sermon shares an important message about what it means to be truly repentant and why it matters.

People often ask “what is God’s will for my life?” Andy shares some lessons that we can learn from the church in Philadelphia, as we continue in week 6 of this sermon series. Let this week’s message challenge you to move beyond asking for direction as you learn to recognize God’s voice and walk through the open doors He has already placed in your life.

Andy concludes our “Seven Words” series with a message about Jesus’s words to the lukewarm church of Laodicea and a challenge to all believers to truthfully answer, “What are your expectations whenever you come to church? Or whenever you open up scripture? Do you expect to encounter Jesus? Do you expect to be convicted… or do you expect nothing?”

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