Be the Church Day Sign Up

Please indicate the three projects that interest you most by listing them in the order of your first choice, then second and third.
See below for descriptions of each project.


House Projects

Nursing Home

Bless an Organization

Be the Church Day Pastors

Emergency Worker Appreciation

LCC Childcare

Will you need childcare for BTCD?     

Some of the projects may take more time than others. Are you willing to stay past noon if needed?

What will I be doing on Be the Church Day?

  • Home Projects

    • There are multiple home projects we will be helping with this year. If you are on a home project you can expect tasks such as: general home repairs, cleaning, yard work, etc.

  • Nursing Home Projects

    • The volunteers who are scheduled to help with the Nursing Home projects will be visiting with residents, singing, playing games, etc.

  • Bless an Organization Projects

    • There are a couple organizations in our community which we will be partnering with this year. On these projects you can expect general cleaning, possible yard work, organization projects, etc.

  • Emergency Worker Appreciation

    • The volunteers for Emergency Worker Appreciation will be visiting planned Fire Departments and Police Departments to show our love and appreciation. Volunteers will take provided cookies and cards to each location to help show our appreciation.

  • LCC Childcare

    • For parents who are volunteering on projects where their children may not be able to help, we do offer childcare. If you love loving on babies and working with little ones- this is the perfect place for you on Be the Church Day!

  • BTCD Pastors

    • Our BTCD Pastors will travel to home projects to speak with, pray with, and minister to each of the homeowners. This role also makes an effort to follow up with homeowners they visited throughout the year.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact the office ( and we would be happy to help!

Thank you for your willingness to serve. 
May we embody the love of Jesus well.

Thank you for submitting! We are busy placing everyone on teams. Team leaders will be in contact with you a couple weeks prior to BTCD.

Sunday, November 07,2021